1.- THE SITE - Prior to excavation, a representative with the Installations Manager will stake out your new swimming pool. The layout is based on your custom design: and upon your approval, we will start the excavation of your new pool.

2.- EXCAVATION - We can now bring in the heavy-duty equipment , to dig out that big hole that will become your new pool . Normally it only takes one working day to complete the excavation and to remove the soil from your garden. As well if you wanted to keep some of this soil for other parts of the garden- just let us know where !

3.- WALLS - Our professional workers will now start to construct the walls to the pool with the well known product VASO CERAMICA with a size of 7x20x33cm.

4.- PLUMBING -Our plumbers will install the correct plumbing system for your individual pool that will purify and clean the water in the pool.

5.- STEEL PLACEMENT - Steel-reinforced rods are placed inside the excavation, along the bottom, up the sides, into the bond beam , and around the skimmers. Firmly wired together, these rods add to the strength and long life of your pool!

6.- POOL SHELL - A concrete mixture is pneumatically applied under a huge amount of pressure which bonds tightly around the steel reinforcing all of the rods. Thus resulting in reinforced steel , concrete and water proof pool of superior strength


7.- COPING - Our pool experts install the coping- or the “lip” of your pool around the pools perimeter. Some options are safety-grip brick, stone or white pre-cast concrete.

8.- GRESITE/MARBLE TILE - The tile is installed along what will be the waterline of the interior of the pool. Tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and designs.

9.- ELECTRICAL - Our electricians hook into your main electric service and connect your filtration and lighting systems . An inspection of the final work will be needed.


10.- TERRACING - The surrounding of your pool can be made of many things either tiling, concrete, stone or many other materials. This is the final stage before the pool shell finish is applied and it’s ready to be filled with water .

11.- POOL START UP - Water from your garden house or other source will be used to fill your pool . Once the pool has been filled then out will come to your home to start up the equipment and show you exactly how the equipment works and what chemicals are needed. This is now the time to ask any questions you have on maintaining your pool.



LICENCE - The local Town Hall normally requires a license for the construction of the swimming pool, this would be obtained prior to commencement of the pool.

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