You can make your old pool look brand new , just like a make over to your home. This is achieved by installing new coping, stone, a steam clean or re-grouting internal, tiles or refurbishing your pool surroundings. Click on the pictures for larger views.

Photo to follow

Photo to follow

New colours of coping stone are now available such as Terracotte which give a more natural appearance.

Alternative features are waterfalls, slides to enhance the appearance of your pool area.

Pool equipment can be updated or you could even add-on new features that were not available when the pool was originally installed . For example Roman Steps, interior pool lights etc which can all be retro-fitted into most pools .


We now have a brand new concept with printed concrete. Choose from different patterns and colours... strong, lasting, looks great and it's absolutely brilliant!



We can even update water balsas giving you a brand new pool !



After numerous quotes from other companies and various advice (even a suggestion that a License was not important) Mr and Mrs Hyde of Oriheula asked Sandquist SLU. to modernize their water balsa into a 10x5m2 swimming pool.

First stage we began with the heavy duty machine removing the excess earth. Follow the progress of this pool…

Second - After the ground has been dug out the next stage is the construction of the walls. Our professional workers have now completed the construction of the vasco ceramical walls and now we can take the correct measurements and order the steel reinforced rods.

Photo to follow

Third - The steel rods have now been delivered. The reinforced rods are placed on all sides of the pool and firmly wired together for extra strength.

Mr. and Mrs. Hyde have told us that "they can not wait for  completion of their pool and that they can now actually visualize how it is going to look!"

Fourth stage of this totally reformed pool is the installation of the coping or the lip of the pool. Mr and Mrs Hyde now tell us that they can now see how their pool is going to look and are pleasantly surprised at how large it is.

Fifth stage - The gresite or marble tiles are now fitted giving the waterline of the inside of the pool.

Sixth stage - Next the filling up of the water and treating with Chlorine or Salt (depending on the system used)

The last stage - JUMP AND SWIM!!! 



Who would have thought that this


would become this?

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